Inflicts damage on the enemy target within 10m and stuns them by detonating the current signet carved into the target. The extent of the damage and the chance to stun is dependant of the rank of the signet. This skill can be used with up to a rank 5 signet. Signet ranks will reset to 0 after detonating.

  • Used by: Assassin
  • Type: Active
  • Cast Time: Instant
  • Cooldown: 18
  • Source: Skill book

Rank TableEdit

Rank Icon Level Acquired Cost (MP) Damage Signet Rank
1 File:Skill sb1.jpg 13 68  ? 5 (max)
2 File:Skill sb2.jpg 25 97  ? 5 (max)
3 File:Skill sb3.jpg 37 118  ? 5 (max)
4 File:Skill sb4.jpg 47 124  ? 5 (max)

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